Hotel description

Traditionally, the room Fund of each hotel offers guest several levels of comfort. Thus, it is possible to find the right price category, furnishings and amenities. First day at the hotel can pass much more comfortable if you book in advance a room and will clearly let us know your preferences. The room Fund of RECORD hotel – 64 rooms

Address: 124365, Zelenograd, Moscow, Zelenograd, Panfilov prospectus, D. 1634 page 3
Tel.:  +74997380777

Terms of stay

These rules of accommodation in hotel are general and can vary by room type. Please check the room description.

Booking cancellationless than a day - a penalty of one night stay
Extra bedschildren from 0 till 6 years free of charge in the rooms of category standard plus no more than two seats. children from 6 to 12 years is chargeable extra bed in the standard rooms plus
PetsPets are prohibited
Accepted credit cardsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro
SmokingSmoking in rooms is prohibited
Children and extra beds policychildren from 0 to 6 years free in room category "Comfort" of not more than two places.

Location, directions to the hotel

The hotel "RECORD" is located in Zelenograd district "Kryukovo". To get to our hotel, you can use any ground transport. From the Leningrad station, the station Komsomolskaya metro station or platform "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya" (metro station), on any suburban electric train to station Kryukovo. Exit to the city to the left in the direction of movement of the train ( on foot 15 minutes) or bus stop "Station Kryukovo" bus number 5 to the stop "the Market", cross the road, turn left and walk along the garage complex turn right. M. River station, Shuttle bus 400; 400 e, route taxi №M to the station Kryukovo, No. 476 to stop "Supermarket Prospect". Tushinskaya metro station take bus №460 M to stop "the Market", the Express bus 400K to stop "Supermarket Prospect". m. Mitino Shuttle bus 400K to stop "Supermarket Prospect". M. Shodnenskaya Shuttle bus No. M to stop "Supermarket Prospect".

Important information

Check - in- 13.00 GMT Check - out- 12.00 GMT To check-in the hotel must have the following documents. For citizens of the Russian Federation - passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation certifying the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation For persons without citizenship - temporary residence Permit of a stateless person, residence permit of a stateless person. For foreign citizens - 1. Passport of a foreign citizen; 2. Migration card; 3. Visa for nationals of those countries with which Russia has established a visa regime;4. Previous registration (if you suppress the border has been more than 7 days). Check-in at the hotel minors under 14 years of age on the basis of the identity documents are with them (adoptive parents, guardians) or close relatives, accompanying person, the document confirming powers of the person accompanying you and a birth Certificate these minor.

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